Adenomyosis: Cause, Symptoms & When To See The Doctor

Adenomyosis occurs when the tissue of your uterus grows into your uterine wall. It makes your uterus thicken and enlarge and sometimes double or triple in size. For women who have extreme pain from adenomyosis, they can get help with hormonal treatments. Removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) also heals adenomyosis

How common is adenomyosis?

After the research, it is seen that this disease is very much common in women above the age of 40.
Approximately 2% to 5% of adolescents face adenomyosis.

What causes adenomyosis?

There is no exact cause of adenomyosis. However, some research says hormones, genetics, or inflammation may contribute to adenomyosis. But normally this disease is mostly resolved after menopause.


a. Painful menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea).
b. Heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia).
c. Abnormal menstruation.
d. Pelvic pain
e. Painful intercourse (dyspareunia).
f. Infertility.
g. Enlarged uterus.
h. Bloating or fullness in your bell

What is the difference between adenomyosis and endometriosis?

Adenomyosis and endometriosis are diseases involving endometrial-like tissue. Both conditions are painful. Adenomyosis is more likely to cause serious menstrual bleeding. The difference between these conditions lies in where the tissue grows.

a.Adenomyosis: Endometrial-like tissue grows into the muscle of your uterus.

b.Endometriosis: Endometrial-like tissue grows outside your uterus in places like your ovaries or fallopian tubes.

When to see a doctor?

If you have prolonged, heavy bleeding or unbearable cramping during your periods interfering with your regular activities, consult your gynecologist.

What are the complications of adenomyosis?

The symptoms of adenomyosis tend to get worse over time. Heavy menstrual bleeding increases your risk of anemia. Anemia may result in feeling fatigued or cold.

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