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Nosebleed: Types, Causes & Symptoms

Nosebleed is named Epistaxis medically. A nosebleed is nothing but a loss of blood from the tissue inside of your nose. It can occur in one or both nostrils. Usually, it only affects one nostril.
Your nose has many small blood crafts. These crafts help warm and wet the air you breathe. But they lie close to the internal surface of your nose. When air moves through your nose, it can dry and rub your blood vessels. This makes them very easy to damage or break, causing a nosebleed.

Who gets nose bleed?

Anyone can get a nosebleed. However, some people are likely to get nose bleeds, including –
a. Children between the ages of two and 10
b. Adults between the ages of 45 and 80
c. Pregnant people
d. People who take blood-thinning medications
e. People having blood clotting disorders

Types Of Nosebleeds:

a. Anterior nosebleed: It starts in the front of your nose on the lower part of the wall. 

b. Posterior nosebleed: It occurs deep inside your nose. It occurs in the back part of your nose near your throat. It causes heavy bleeding and is mainly observed in adults.

Symptoms of a nosebleed

Basically, you won’t have any specific symptoms other than blood coming out of your nose.
But in case of a posterior nosebleed, some blood may exhaust down the back of your throat into your stomach. It can cause a bad taste in the back of your throat and make you sense nauseous.


The most common cause of nosebleeds is dry air. Other causes may include :

a. Infections

b. Allergies

c. Blood-thinning medications

d. Recreational drugs

e. Nasal sprays

f. Chemical irritants

Other less common causes are – 

a. Alcohol use

b. High blood pressure

c. Nasal polyps

d. Nasal tumors

e. Pregnancy

f. Leukemia

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