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Hypothyroidism : Causes, Symptoms & When To See Doctor


Hypothyroidism is a condition when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones. This condition makes your metabolic system slows down and also affects your whole body. Hypothyroidism may not cause observable symptoms in its early stages. Over time, if hypothyroidism is not treated properly then it can lead to other health problems, such as high cholesterol and heart problems.


a. fatigue
b. weight gain
c. cold intolerance
d. slowed heart rate, movements, and speech
e. joint and muscle cramps and weakness
f. constipation
g. dry skin
h. heavy periods, or menorrhagia
i. weakness
j. high cholesterol
k. puffy face, feet, and hands
l. insomnia
m. anemia
n. depression

Causes of hypothyroidism include:

a. hashimoto’s thyroiditis
b. surgical operation of the thyroid gland
c. radiation therapy for head and neck cancers
d. some medications, such as lithium for bipolar disorder and sulfonylureas for diabetes
e. damaged or missing thyroid gland, often occurring from birth
f. too much or too little iodine intake in the diet
g. turner syndrome, a chromosomal disorder affecting females
h. pituitary gland damage

What is the normal range for TSH?

The normal range of TSH in our blood varies from laboratory to laboratory, but generally, it is 0.4–4 milliunits per liter (mU/l).

Who is affected by hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism can affect people of all ages and genders. It is a common condition, especially among women over age 60. Women generally face hypothyroidism more after menopause than earlier in life.

When to see a doctor?

See your health care professional if you are feeling tired without any reason or if you have other symptoms of hypothyroidism.
If you’re taking thyroid hormone medicine for hypothyroidism, obey your doctor’s advice regarding the guidelines to take the medicines.

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