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Nasal Polyps : Causes, Symptoms and When to see a doctor

Nasal Polyp

Nasal polyps are soft and painless growths in your nasal passages. They are non-cancerous. They hang down like teardrops. They get associated with inflammation and asthma, periodic infection, allergies, drug sensitivity, and certain immune disorders.

Small nasal polyps may not cause symptoms. Enormous growths or groups of nasal polyps might block your nasal passages, and affect breathing, and smelling power.

Nasal polyps can affect anybody, but in most cases, adults get affected. Medications can often shrink or eradicate nasal polyps, but the ultimate option is surgery to remove them. Sometimes even after successful treatment, nasal polyps may return.


Polyps develop due to the mucous membranes lining the nose or sinuses changing. The membranes become outraged for a long period of time or become enraged over and over again. The inflammation features swelling, redness, and fluid buildup.


Nasal polyps create irritation, discomfort, and swelling of your nasal passage lining and sinuses that last more than 12 weeks.

Nasal polyps are usually soft and dearth feeling, so if they are small, you may not be conscious you have them. Multiple growths or an enormous polyp may block your nasal passages and sinuses.

Typical symptoms of chronic sinusitis with large nasal polyps include:

a. A runny nose

b. Persistent stuffiness

c. Postnasal drip

d. Decreased or absent sense of smell

e. Loss of sense of taste

f. Facial pain or headache

g. Pain in your upper teeth

h. A sense of pressure over your forehead and face

i. Snoring

j. Frequent nosebleeds

k. Nasal congestion

When to see a doctor:

See your doctor if your symptoms stay more than 10 days. 

if you experience:

a.Serious trouble breathing

b.Sudden worsening of your symptoms

c.Double vision, reduced vision, or limited ability to move your eyes

d.Severe swelling around your eyes

e.Increasingly severe headache accompanied by high fever or inability to tip your head forward


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