ear infection treatment by Best ENt Doctor Rahul Sarkar

Ear Infection Treatment by Dr. Rahul Sarkar(One of the best ENT doctor in Kolkata)

Ear infections can be either bacterial or viral infections. They generally occur in your middle ear, which is the part of your ear just behind your eardrum, and also the outer and inner ear. They often clear up automatically but can be painful due to inflammation or fluid buildup.

The infections in the ear can be chronic or acute. Acute ear infections are painful. Chronic ear infections recur many times. They can cause damage to the middle and inner ear, which is infrequently permanent


a. Bacteria or Virus in the middle ear

b. Cold or other respiratory infections

c. Allergies

d. Excess mucus

e. Sinus

f. Change in air pressure


a. Ear pain

b. Irritability

c. Loss of appetite

d. Poor sleep

e. Drainage from the ear

f. Fever

g. Trouble hearing

Ear Infection Treatment

Kolkata ENT Care – Dr. Rahul Sarkar ( One of the best ENT surgeon in Kolkata providing reliable consultation)

Ear infection treatment depends on age, the severity of the infection, and most importantly the nature of the infection (i.e. the infection is first-time, ongoing infection or repeating infection, or if fluid remains in the middle ear for a long period of time.)

Your healthcare provider will recommend medications to relieve your pain and fever. If the ear infection is mild, depending on the age, your healthcare provider may choose to wait a few days to see if the infection goes away on its own before prescribing an antibiotic. They may prescribe antibiotics if your ear infection is bacterial, chronic, or doesn’t appear to be improving.

Surgery is the ultimate option if your ear infection doesn’t get eliminated with the usual medical treatments or if you have many ear infections over a short period.Most often, ear tubes get placed in your ears to allow fluid to drain out. These tubes get inserted into your eardrums. They eventually fall out and the holes heal over. Sometimes these holes need to be closed surgically.


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