Sudden Loss of Hearing Treatment in Kolkata by Dr. Rahul Sarkar ( Best ENT Specialist in Kolkata)

Sudden Loss of Hearing Treatment in Kolkata ( Dr. Rahul Sarkar – One of the Best ENT Specialist in Kolkata)

Sudden Loss of Hearing Treatment in Kolkata

Sudden loss of hearing commonly known as sudden deafness, is an unexplained, rapid loss of hearing either all at once or over a few days. It happens due to the malfunction of the sensory organs of the inner ear. Sudden deafness generally affects only one ear.
Decibels generally measure the intensity of the sounds. Zero is the lowest decibel level, which is equivalent to complete silence. A whisper is 30 decibels, and the normal speech range is 60 decibels. A loss of 30 decibels in three connected frequencies is considered a sudden loss of hearing. This means that a hearing loss of 30 decibels makes the sound of normal speech like a whisper.
Sudden loss of hearing is a severe medical condition and requires prompt medical attention. Consult your doctor immediately if you think you are experiencing sudden hearing loss. Immediate treatment can save your hearing.


a. malformation of the inner ear
b. head injury or trauma
c. prolonged exposure to loud noise
d. neurologic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis
e. an immune system disease, such as Cogan syndrome
f. Meniere Disease is a disorder that affects the inner ear
g. Lyme Disease is an infectious disease that is often transmitted through tick bites
h. ototoxic medication, which can harm the ear
i. venom from a snake bite
j. blood circulation problems
k.abnormal tissue growth or tumors
l. blood vessel disease
m. aging


a. trouble following group conversations
c. inability to hear well when there is a lot of background noise
d. the difficulty of hearing high-pitched sounds
e. dizziness
f. balance problems
g. tinnitus, which occurs when you hear ringing or buzzing sounds in your ear

When to see a doctor

If you are in trouble with a sudden loss of hearing, particularly in one ear, seek immediate medical attention. Consult your doctor if the difficulty of hearing is interfering with your daily life. Age-related hearing loss occurs gradually, so you may not observe it at first.
Treatment in an early stage may increase your chances for a full recovery. But, your doctor will try to find the cause of your hearing loss before starting treatment.

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