early pregnancy care

Early Pregnancy Care [ Dr. Chandrani Pal, Best Gynecology Doctor in Kolkata]

Early Pregnancy Care

Early pregnancy care is very much important for all women and their babies. If you care for yourself properly under the guidance of your gynecologist then your baby will also be healthy.
In this article, we will be discussing early pregnancy care.

Eat a healthy balanced diet

Eat a healthy balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, protein & fiber as early pregnancy care

Healthy eating is always important but it is very much important during your pregnancy stage. If you have nutritious foods then you will get sufficient calories which will contribute to your baby’s proper development.
You should include the following foods in your diet:
a. lean meats
b. fruits
c. vegetable
d. whole-grain pieces of bread
e. low-fat dairy products
f. protein & fiber-based foods

Drink plenty of water

It is very much essential to drink plenty of water during pregnancy. A woman’s blood volume increases drastically during pregnancy, and drinking enough water also helps to prevent common problems such as dehydration and constipation. water is very important parameter of early pregnancy care.

Have small frequent meals throughout the day

It is not a healthy habit to have a heavy meal at a time, instead, you should
have small frequent meals throughout the day.

Light exercise regularly

Light exercise is very important during your pregnancy stage. It has so many benefits but you should avoid heavy exercise.
Regular exercise can help:
a. prevent excess weight gain
b. reduce pregnancy-related problems
c. improve sleep
d. increase energy
e boost your mood
f. prepare your body for labor
g. lessen recovery time after the birth

Take pregnancy vitamins folic acid & vitamin D

folic acid & vitamin D are very important for pregnant women. So you should have folic acid & vitamin D-enriched foods.

Avoid raw food & limit caffeine

Raw food and caffeine are always very harmful but they are more harmful to a pregnant woman and her baby. So you should avoid raw food and limit caffeine.

Take care of your mental health

A mother’s Mental health is very crucial for her baby to be healthy. Because if the mother is disturbed by the mind then it affects her child.


Enough sleep is also very important for every woman and her child during the pregnancy period.

Do visit your doctor regularly

You should be under the guidance of your gynecologist and you should abide by the instructions of your doctor. So do visit your doctor regularly.

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