ENT Allergy & Symptoms

ENT Allergy

An allergy is an unusual immune response to certain non-harmful things in the environment. These things are called allergens. Allergens are any substance that triggers an allergic response.

Symptoms :

a. Runny Nose
b. Nasal congestion
c. Constant sneezing
d. Itching sensation in the eyes, nose, and throat
e. Reduced ability to smell or taste
f. Frequent ear infections and sinus infections
g. Frequent, unexplained nosebleeds
h. Experiencing cold-like symptoms for more than 10 days
i. Constantly feeling fatigued

Itchiness is the main symptom of the allergy, which affects the throat and ears.
Some symptoms of the above are usually no cause for concern, and you can easily treat them at home. However, some symptoms that go along with an itchy throat and ears indicate a serious condition.
Here are some possible causes why you should call your doctor.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis starts when your immune system reacts to non-harmful things in the environment.
This includes:
a. pollen
b. pet dander, such as dander from cats or dogs
c. mold
d. dust mites
e. other irritants, such as smoke or perfume

Food allergies

food allergies arise when the immune system is exposed to an allergen, such as peanuts or eggs. Food allergy symptoms can be from mild to severe.

Common cold

The common cold is one of the main reasons for allergies. Many viruses can cause the common cold and it gets spread through the droplets of an infected person in the air.
a. runny nose
b. cough
c. sneezing
d. sore throat
e. body aches
f. headache

When to see the doctor :

a. If your allergies are out of your control
b. If you have many rashes in your body
c. If you feel itching most of the time in your eyes, nose, and throat
d. If you have severe ear infection
e. If you feel nosebleeds frequently.

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